Dịch vụ

Ayla Spa Hanoi

Located in the center of Korean town in Western of Hanoi, Ayla Spa is a not-to-be-missed heaven for everyone who wants to relax and refresh themselves after stressful working hours.

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Ayla Spa Saigon

Just like “The Oasis of Calm”, you will completely immerse yourselves into a peaceful world, opposite to the noisy and bustling urban space of Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam’s largest economic city.

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Relaxation. No longer beyond your budget

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Aroma massage

Concerning its other health benefits, Aroma massage is good for the nervous system as it can restore peace to the mind and body. At Ayla Spa, aroma massage is a perfect treatment for those who are suffered from depression, muscle aches, stress or high blood pressure.

Facial treatments

Our professional therapist will massage gently to firm muscles with the best-quality oils and exclusive products from Sothys – a well-established French brand of cosmetics – proudly bringing their Parisian quality to the people of Vietnam


Body fusion

Must-try service of Ayla Spa. Our one-of-a-kind menu with different body-care treatments help you to relax and refresh your mind. By scrubbing or wrapping the whole body with world’s best products, you will experience the glowing skin only after 45 minutes.