Body Treatment Royal Saigon

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Peeling with 3 salts

Restore a silky and radiant skin thanks to a mixture of essential oils and salts from Himalaya, France and Dead sea.

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Toning scrub

A melt-in texture, sprinkled with lemon peel, transporting you to a fresh, invigorating sensorial escape.

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Silhouette scrub

A grapefruit-scented scrub that is both delicious and invigorating to enhance your silhouette.

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100% customized hydra- nourishing cocoon mask

Experience the comforting sensation of a hydrating/nourishing wrap applied warm onto the skin, and let your body and your mind indulge in pure escapism with the fragrance you have chosen.
Soft skin effect guaranteed!

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Detoxifying wrap

Express treatment with an enveloping mousse wrap and a relaxing / detoxifying 3 tea alchemy.

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Flower bath with Rice bran

Softening, soothing muscles, drawing out infection by bathing with flower and rice bran. The scent from nature will whisk away your stress.

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Hot sauna

Let your body detox and then get extreme stress reduction, improve circulation and oxygenation after 10 -15 minutes in our private sauna room.

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