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Ayla Spa believes that the elimination of stress and tension is critical to the improvement and maintenance of overall well being. At Ayla Spa, where is called “The Oasis of Calm”, we work to improve quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation. Treatments, designed to satisfy the whole body, are provided by highly trained staff in the field of massage therapy and skincare as well as a full range of body therapies.

Ayla Spa is for those of us who wish for peace in the world and opt to start within.

Product we use

At Ayla Spa, we offer the product line of Sothys – a well-established French brand of cosmetics – proudly bringing their Parisian quality to the people of Vietnam.

Sothys has been in business for the past 70 years and is dedicated to manufacturing innovative products after conducting research, employing the latest technology. They are a global cosmetic brand and have tie-ups with spas and beauty institutes all around the world.

Ayla Spa offers a wide choice in spa therapies developed by Sothys that are designed to relax the body & soul. Only the best-quality oils and scrubs are used in these spa treatments, which contain natural ingredients that effectively help to get rid of the dead skin cells and body toxins. Combined with professional massage techniques, these treatments can treat muscles stiffness and also address other health issues.

Package & Pricing

At Ayla, you can enjoy a variety of facials, body scrubs, body baths, and  full-body massages. We use the finest products that help to delay areing, get rid of dead skin cells, enhance skin elasticty, and maintain moisture. Only walk in to any of our salons and be ready to get pampered.

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Space & Feel

Let’s take a tour to Ayla Spa, where is called “the Oasis of calm”.

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